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The Mannequins

Started a Flash Fiction group with Lisa Henry and JA Rock just for fun and this was the first prompt:



prompt 1

Photo Prompt courtesy of JA Rock. Feel free to take it up with her.


Here’s The Flash Fic:




The three mannequins stood by the shop window, and frankly they were the three most ridiculous looking mannequins ever designed in the history of the fashion. I don’t know who the shop owners are trying to lure with that kind of advertising.

“What is up with those moustaches,” he says, and I turn to look at him. He’s cute, a little overweight but incredibly attractive. Taller than I am by a good few inches. He’s wearing glasses that make him look nerdy.

“The moustaches don’t even begin to capture the ludicrous essence of this atrocity they’re passing off as a window display.”

“Yeah I suppose the Canary yellow pants take the cake.”

“The hat man,” I say. “It’s all about the crazy hat!”

He laughs. It’s just a stupid laugh, but the way his face lights up from it, I just can’t look away. I think he might have noticed it. “So, I’m on my lunch break,” he says. “If you want to get food or coffee or something. I mean, that is if you’re not too busy looking at ugly mannequins.”

“I suppose I can take a break,” I say. “The ugly mannequins aren’t going anywhere.”

“Not in those outfits,” he says, as we walk towards the coffee shop across the street. “Not unless they want to get gang-raped by a bunch of angry queens led by Tim Gunn.”